Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not Posted Anything In a While Here

Of course, this is not one of the "hot blogs," & I've been busy letting my thoughts be known @ the Tennessean's website & on

Iraq has been the hot topic. We've seen the democrat leadership's non-binding votes, the votes for a pork laden spending bill with a timetable for non-victorious withdrawal, & now another worthless vote from the house that even the democratically controlled senate says is dead. We've had the leader of the senate, Harry Reid, say the war is lost. This while out troops are still fighting an enemy more evil than we comprehend.

I've been more confrontational in my postings, simply because I'm truly fed up with those who want the US to fail. Those who want to defeat George W. Bush so badly that they will do what they can to demoralize & defeat our own troops who are currently fighting the islamist enemy. They want to see Pres. Bush defeated so badly that they have put all their eggs for political power in the basket of US defeat in Iraq, with NO regard for the myriad horrible consequences that would follow such a defeat. Our troops are NOT being defeated - when they encounter the enemy they defeat the enemy. There are signs that the change in strategy is having the desired effect of removing the islamist cells from areas & keeping them out. This is allowing the Iraqi people to begin to live their lives, which will engender success in the economic component of success in Iraq. These steps forward will put more pressure on the political component to get their acts together & will hasten the time that the Iraqis can take over the defense & security of their country.

Who is leading this insurgency in Iraq? The answer is islamist groups, with Al Queda in the lead. The same Al Queda led by Osama Bin Laden. The same Al Queda who perpetrated the 9-11 terror attacks. That Al Queda. By what the democrat leadership is saying & doing, they are emboldening these groups - they are emboldening Al Queda! The Old Mainstream Media is also doing their part by ignoring success in Iraq & trumpeting the loss of life from the islamists & any loss of US troops. Any one of our troops killed is a hero & one too many; they are heroes because the willingly put themselves in the line of freedom's defense. Some here support them. Some here are doing & saying anything they can to demoralize our troops while they are fighting Al Queda led islamists. I would hope that they "know not what they do..." However, for some, they know what they're doing & the English language (even the curse words) do not do justice for the disgusting reality of that.

Our troops can do their jobs & be victorious in the military component of Iraq. They need the funding, the support (real support), the tools, & the unconventional tactics needed to defeat this unconventional enemy. They also must be free of micromanagement from ignorant politicians, & also free of media micromanagement & reporting, because the media has shown itself to be biased toward the Al Queda led islamists.

I am in contact with my elected representatives. I've had a good exchange with Jim Cooper, & commended him for still using the word victory in relation to us. Senators Alexander & Corker are going well on this.

I want the troops home ASAP. I want them home victorious. They aren't losing, aren't being defeated by the enemy, & can get their jobs done if they're given what they need to do it & the hindrances taken away. My phrase for this is "Won & Done." I trust that most of the American people want our troops to succeed. I have consternation & pity for those who do not...

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