Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Lynchpin for the Illegal Alien issue

This is the illegal employment of aliens who are here in the US illegally. Enforcing our employment laws so that employers only hire those who can legally work in the US is the "head of the snake" for this issue. Doing this, imho, would have the single greatest effect on solving the issue of illegal alien entry into the US & the myriad problems it is causing. It is also the most politically charged & "dangerous" part of this equation for politicians. Companies like Tyson & others who hire massive amounts of illegals also give massive dollars to politicians of both parties. This is why so many politicians seem to have a disconnect, because they don't want to lose these dollars or see them go to an opponent. What is the answer to this? I believe part of the answer is to expose these companies & let them know your feelings on the illegal alien issue. Affect to their bottom line would get their attention. Another part is to continue to contact your senators & let them know that these campaign donations will not keep them safe @ the ballot box.


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