Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kent Williams Turns

With a 50-49 majority, all it takes is for one to turn. For the Tennessee Republicans, the turncoat was Kent Williams. Elected in 2006, he cut a deal with the Democrats in Nashville to install him as House Speaker. It's pretty obvious to me that he will be a figurehead leader, taking his orders from Naifeh & company. I'd imagine he thinks himself pretty slick, as he did vote for himself - though the other 49 votes were all Democrats. A quick search on his name shows that he is a Democrat at heart - as seen here & here.

A similar thing happened in the State Senate, with another Williams - Mike Williams, in 2005. My advice to the Republicans is to keep on pushing for what is right, & if one of the conservative Democrats sees the writing on the wall, welcome him or her to change parties.
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