Friday, February 16, 2007

Support the Troops & the "Slow Bleed"

Well, today the US House passed the "non binding" (read worthless) resolution opposing President Bush's troop surge. The focus has been on simply the number of new troops being sent, not the change in strategy to secure & hold areas by eradicating the terrorist elements that are perpetrating the violence against the Iraqi people.

As this debate went on, a new strategy was unveiled. It's called the slow bleed strategy, authored by John Murtha. It's simply a way to slowly cut off funds instead of doing it all at once. It would keep the troops from receiving reinforcements and the material support they need to do their jobs. I fail to see how this can be construed as supporting the troops.

Another tidbit that came to my attention shows how many on the left really feel about the men and women serving in our military. It's by a professor named June Scorza Terpstra. It can be found at this link entitled "Can we really support these troops?" In this post, Prof. Terpstra excoriates our troops as thuggish mercenaries who delight in killing innocents. Needless to say, I believe she is completely wrong; however, I do think it's good to get the truth of how the anti-war movement leadership really feels about our troops when they say they support them.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted anything here & thought I may want to do so! Lots going on in the news. Ron Ramsey became Speaker of the Senate in Tennessee, & our own State Senator Rosalind Kurita crossed party lines to vote for him, which made Sen. Williams vote a moot point. The troop surge is happening; lost in the reporting on pure numbers is the shift in focus which I think will have more impact. I believe that we have the best military force ever on this planet, & I hope this shift in focus will allow them to do their jobs better. It's not all up to them, & the Iraqi government has to get its act together, however the surge & shift in focus are good. I also think the "non-binding" resolution fever in the congress is ludicrous. Looking around left & right, I don't see that many if any are really happy with such a flaccid response from our legislators. I hope Tennessee's senators come out & stay strongly against such hogwash.

I've opined, as have many others, about the reasons that the republicans lost their congressional majorities. I think it's because they did not stand up for the core conservative principles we in the base have. I write this now because, in my own life, core principles have been tested. I don't brag when I say I & my family have passed the test, because the test truly isn't over. I can say that it can be easy to become frustrated & whelmed when one's core beliefs are tested, & takes strength & endurance to face these tests. I don't want to get into the specifics right now, but will do so at a later date. If anyone who reads this will do so, prayers will be appreciated!
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