Sunday, February 4, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted anything here & thought I may want to do so! Lots going on in the news. Ron Ramsey became Speaker of the Senate in Tennessee, & our own State Senator Rosalind Kurita crossed party lines to vote for him, which made Sen. Williams vote a moot point. The troop surge is happening; lost in the reporting on pure numbers is the shift in focus which I think will have more impact. I believe that we have the best military force ever on this planet, & I hope this shift in focus will allow them to do their jobs better. It's not all up to them, & the Iraqi government has to get its act together, however the surge & shift in focus are good. I also think the "non-binding" resolution fever in the congress is ludicrous. Looking around left & right, I don't see that many if any are really happy with such a flaccid response from our legislators. I hope Tennessee's senators come out & stay strongly against such hogwash.

I've opined, as have many others, about the reasons that the republicans lost their congressional majorities. I think it's because they did not stand up for the core conservative principles we in the base have. I write this now because, in my own life, core principles have been tested. I don't brag when I say I & my family have passed the test, because the test truly isn't over. I can say that it can be easy to become frustrated & whelmed when one's core beliefs are tested, & takes strength & endurance to face these tests. I don't want to get into the specifics right now, but will do so at a later date. If anyone who reads this will do so, prayers will be appreciated!

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