Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving On Up in the World

I know, another 2 months have passed since I've updated my faithful reader...

Frank J @ IMAO featured me in his Ronin Profiles! If you've not gone to his site, it's wonderful satire & great postings. The Fred Thompson Facts, John Edwards Fabulous Facts, & Hiliary Clinton Terrible Truths are worth visiting by themselves, not to mention all the wonderful stuff he has on his site.

Deer hunting is reaching full swing. I didn't get out during muzzleloader this week as mine is still disassembled. We've been busy with the new wonderful grandson, & stuff has been moved around & out! We're still working on removing clutter, which is like a snowball rolling down the hill - hard to get started, but easier as you go. Regular gun season starts next Saturday, & I'm getting ready to bring some venison home!

All the political junk is still going on; we'll see how things shake out as the primaries actually start happening. Hiliary now has chinks in the armor, though I don't know how much difference that will make. The MSM has already written the obituary for Fred's campaign, though Fred has come out with some interesting things on the illegal alien issue & today with Social Security. I still think it's way too early for anyone to be "buying drapes" for the white house - still a lot of campaign to go. Overall, it looks like the illegal alien/border security issue may get its due as the main issue in this presidential campaign, & I hope as well for the congressional & senate races.

All for now, be safe & happy hunting!
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