Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost 3 Months

Since I last posted here. I've posted "muchly" at tndeer, Redstate, & the Tennessean. Loads of "stuff" has gone on since my last post. Fred's out of the race, & I'm as bummed as any Fred Thompson supporter; however, I didn't go to the ledge. It looks like it's going to be between Mitt Romney & , with Huckabee & Guliani losing steam. On the democratic side, there's a race war brewing between Obama & Hillary, with Bill Clinton as the rabid attack dog. One my simply use Drudge to keep up with it. This has the potential to really split the democratic coalition.

Personally, we had a great loss at out church. Evette Allison, our pastor's wife, passed away unexpectedly. Talk about bad things happening to good - no, great - people. Anyone who reads this, please pass along prayers for the family.

Bill Hobbs, the "godfather" of Tenessee political blogging, recently lost his mother. Please keep that family in your prayers also.

My uncle Guy "Doc" Anglin is in the hospital, blood clot on the brain caused a stroke.

The grandson is getting bigger - almost 6 months old now. He was a little sick last weekend, with constipation, & you'll never guess who got suppository duty! He's better now & a joy to watch grow & develop.

Deer season was a bust for me; didn't get out much & was sick when I went. Actually, it wasn't a bust because hunting is not about the kill - it's the experience. It does look like we're losing the great lease we've had. I've been fortunate to have the time there & will cherish those memories & experiences.

Work is good. Staying busy is the watchword, & it's not hard to do!

I'll try to post for my reader(s) more often - with everything going on time is precious. Perhaps I'll post some of my better blogs & posts from my travels around the 'net?
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