Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama to Iraq - "Wait on Troop Withdrawal"

Barak Obama, we now know, tried to get the Iraqis to hold off on any strategic agreement regarding troop reductions, possible now that the surge has worked. He said they should wait until the new administration is in place. This was an attempt - perhaps unwitting - to undermine the negotiations with the current administration. McCain's campaign came out with a hard hitting response.

This is another blunder by Obama & his campaign. There is not a good answer for it. If he didn't realize what he was doing was wrong, how can he claim to be qualified in any way for the presidency? If he knew he was undermining the administration, so much the worse.

Sarah Palin

What else is there left unsaid about the Republican VP nominee? I cannot remember such a concerted attack from the opposition for a VP candidate, so she must really give the Democrats cause for concern. I post frequently on the Tennessean's political forum, & the sheer number of Palin-hating posts is educational. It looks like PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) has exploded to even eclipse BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) in simple animus & vitriol.

The Wannabe Elitists "Snark" TCPR

Most of us in Middle Tennessee are familiar with the Nashville Scene, a weekly free publication. Politically, it's on the snobbish side of the left. Jeff Woods wrote a hit piece on Drew Johnson with the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, done in the condescending way the Scene's staff generally looks at those who do not share their elitist world-view. One may read it at the above link - if you want to. The TCPR has done a wonderful job exposing financial gaffes in the Bredesen administration, & it's funny to me that those at the Nashville Scene enjoy being the attack/lap dogs for the Democrat machine here in Tennessee.
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