Saturday, July 7, 2007

Michael Yon - Arrowhead Ripper: 2 weeks later

This guy is on the ground in Iraq, & better able to tell how things are going than I am & most others...

Take the time to actually read this. Baqubah Update: 05 July 2007. Good info.
The big news on the streets today is that the people of Baqubah are generally ecstatic, although many hold in reserve a serious concern that we will abandon them again. For many Iraqis, we have morphed from being invaders to occupiers to members of a tribe. I call it the “al Ameriki tribe,” or “tribe America.” I’ve seen this kind of progression in Mosul, out in Anbar and other places, and when I ask our military leaders if they have sensed any shift, many have said, yes, they too sense that Iraqis view us differently. In the context of sectarian and tribal strife, we are the tribe that people can—more or less and with giant caveats—rely on.

There's a whole heck of a lot more, but the above quote from the beginning is very telling to me...
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