Sunday, May 27, 2007


From our little buddy Steve Gill on Southern Ledger, we get this great article:

The details of the secret “deal” constructed by the Bush Administration, Ted Kennedy and John McCain that will grant amnesty and immediate legal status to millions of illegals currently are slowly starting to emerge. And as usual, the details are proving devilish.
We have been told that there are 12 million illegal aliens in the country. Some estimates put the number much, much higher, closer to 20 million. The new Z-visa that is at the center of the amnesty plan does not put a cap on the number of illegals who will be eligible for the “probationary” path to citizenship. Why not? If there are really “only” 12 million of them why not put a maximum number of those who will be eligible for the visa at that precise number?
The plan also restricts those who can get “amnesty” to those who were here before January 1, 2007. Really? If we don’t know how many are here, how will we know when they got here? Does anybody seriously think this provision will be enforced?
Tamper-proof identification cards are supposedly a key component to insure that employers only hire those who are here legally. But how will the suddenly less-illegal illegals get these cards? Will they provide proof of who they are in the form of bogus drivers’ licenses that they have purchased on the black market here in the U.S.? Or maybe they can use the matricular consular cards that Mexico hands out like Halloween candy? Or perhaps they can use the voter registration cards that they have illegally obtained while illegally in the country?
Last year, one of the critical elements of the non-amnesty amnesty plan that was blocked in the House was a requirement that the illegals pay two out of the last five years of taxes in order to qualify for the non-amnesty amnesty. This time that burden has been completely eliminated. The illegals will apparently have no obligation to pay any back taxes or fines in order to qualify for their amnesty. They also get tax amnesty as part of the citizenship amnesty package. What a deal!
I am sure millions of American citizens would love to pay a $5000 one time fine and get the taxes they paid to the federal government over the past five to seven years returned to them. Count me in!
And do you remember the border fence that got so much attention last year during the fall elections when politicians were clamoring for our votes? They voted to build a 700 mile long fence to secure a 2100 mile border. The new amnesty deal trims that border fence to just 370 miles. So far, we have actually constructed just two miles of fencing. At this rate we will have secured about 20% of our southern border 200 years from now. As part of this “deal” perhaps President Bush can remove 80% of the fencing around the White House to prove his commitment to share in the same level of security he proposes for us.
The more we learn about the details of this “deal” the more clear it becomes that THEY have to pass it quickly and in secret, before WE figure out what is really happening. As more details emerge from this amnesty “deal” there will certainly be even more questions about it. Including: If this amnesty “deal” is really such good PUBLIC policy, then why have they crafted it PRIVATELY?

Steve weilds a bipartisan sword quite expertly! We need to continue to call our representatives & especially Sen. Alexander to let him know that we want a no vote on this!

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