Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nudist Groups Seeking Younger Members - Thank God!

I'm a guy who doesn't look better in less. The more clothes I have on, the better for everyone. I know this. What I've noticed about many of those who like to parade around nude is that they also would look better with more clothes on! I read the story & thought... Finally! One can look to the wonderful site Zombietime & see many instances of people nude who should be clothed! Even if one "looks good" nude, I still would not recommend parading around in public - but gosh, if you don't, it's even worse!

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spamcatcher said...


I don't know of any other offline way to contact you so I'll use your blog as my medium.

Thanks for standing up for me at the Tennessean. I generally don't respond to the anonymous posters over there, so when someone comes to my defense and points out a glairing error in my opponent's arguments, I am sincerely grateful.

Jim Boyd

P.S. Do you mind if I ad your blog to my (sleeping) blog over at ?

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