Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Most of this past week has been taken up by the new amnesty bill to fix everything, which is just like the old amnesty bill of 1986 that was to have fixed everything. I have to laugh when I hear that senators are surprised by the visceral disgust they've heard from their constituents. Are they that out of touch or just trying to spin?

The pro-amnesty forces seem miffed that they are being questioned. Most of these have resorted to the old, worn-out tactics of name calling & condescensio because there truly is no reasonable argument to make the illegal legal. The reasons for opposing amnesty are solid & irrefutable. There is no reason on earth to believe that the enforcement provisions would be enforced. As I've posted many times, the executive branch & legislative branch have shown that they will not enforce the laws we have now; why should anyone expect that new enforcement language will have any effect? All the wonderful enforcement provisions & penalties for illegal employers mean nothing if not enforced. I urge everyone who cares about this issue to continue contacting their senators & representatives - they are feeling the heat & need to feel more heat. Let your senators & representatives know that you are against rewarding illegal behavior - the laws we have on the books should be enforced & that is what we demand!

Securing the borders so that illegals will not cross is important. What I feel is more important & will have an even greater effect is to remove the attractants for illegal aliens. This starts with the employers who knowingly hire illegals, who are charged with making sure that the workers hired are done so legally. Stern punishment for these employers will take away the reward for hiring illegal aliens. Couple this with removing the public assistance the illegals take, & that would remove the reward for coming here illegally. After that, the borders would be much more easily secured. Most of the illegals will go back from whence they came & those who want can come through legally, if they meet the requirements.

Immigrants come here legally; I'm all for them coming in legally. It's the illegal entrants that I do not want here because they are coming in illegally.

Keep calling your senators! There is a great number that can be used, toll-free 800-882-2005. From Tree of Liberty @ the Tennessean's forums:

Press 1 when you hear a Spanish message, then Press 1 again to be transferred to
your senior senator's office OR Press 2 when you hear a Spanish message, then 1
and you'll be transferred to your junior senator's office.

This is a direct number, based on area code & prefix for routing. It works great!

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