Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Left on Left" Cannibalism

From The Hill we get this recent article that shows the problems between many on the far left & their congressional representatives. It seems that many on the far left are not happy with the lack of progress stopping the war in Iraq (heavens forbid the new strategy is given a chance to suceed) made by their democratic representatives, while on the other hand the left's representatives are unhappy with their leftist constituency not allowing them to work the process of Washington. One may read the entire article @ the link; following are a few interesting quotes from that article:

“We’re trying to use the supplemental to end the war,” Obey said. “You can’t end the war if you’re going against the supplemental. It’s time these idiot liberals understood that.”

“The liberal groups are jumping around without knowing what the hell is in the bill,” he bellowed. “You don’t have to cut off funds for an activity that doesn’t exist.” “The language we have in the resolution ends the authority for the war,” he added. “It makes it illegal to proceed with the war. You don’t have to de-fund something if the war doesn’t exist.”

Obey stressed the need for liberal groups to understand that cutting off military funding means de-funding important military programs, such as hospitals for veterans. “I’m not going to deny body armor. I’m not going to deny funding for veterans’ hospitals and for defense hospitals so you can help people that have health problems. That’s what you do if you go against that bill,” he added.

Asked about passing a resolution to end the war, Obey screamed that they did not have the votes.

“How, if you don’t have the votes?” Obey roared in response. “That bill ends the war! If that isn’t good enough for you, you’re smoking something illegal. You’ve got your facts screwed up.”

“Once in a while that frustration boils over, I wish it hadn’t but you cannot continue conversations forever,” he said.

He also continued to skewer “liberal groups” for failing to inform the members and the public that the war supplemental spending bill contains language aimed at ending the war.

So, we now have the democratic congressional representatives still working as hard as they can, through the machinations of congress, to ensure defeat, while their constituencies on the far left are upset that their representatives aren't moving fast enough or doing it perfectly.

Meanwhile, an IDB/Tipp poll shows that the American people think victory in Iraq is important & possible. Who seems to be more out of touch with the American people?


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