Friday, March 9, 2007

Random Stuff

By now most have heard the uproar over the "do as I say, not as I do" controversy with former Vice President Al Gore. This was brought to light by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, a libertarian leaning think tank. I am of the mind that there are reasons for true energy independence & moving to fuel sources other than oil, good & sound reasons, that do not require the doomsday cult mentality of the "global warming" crowd. The cult recently lost a supporter.

I have found a great site for news from Iraq, news that we may not see on the nightly news. Some actual good news. It seems that the new strategy is already seeing positive results, even without the bulk of the new troops.

Will the early & accelerated race for the presidency cause the nominees to be known far in advance, or will it allow for front-runners to be trashed? This week we've been treated to stories regarding Guliani's & Gingrich's maritial & familial issues. There's been a dust-up between Hiliary & Obama. Bill Hobbs had had some great pieces on the possiblity of Fred Thompson entering the race. Thompson would be an interesting & formidable candidate. He does not have the executive experience of a governor; he does, however, have a commanding presence & ability to appeal to the grassroots.

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