Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thoughts on the election of 2008

Obama won, the Republicans took over the Tennessee state house as well as the senate. Congressional Democrats added members.

Republicans now control the TN state legislature because they ran as conservatives.

McCain made a mistake that probably cost him the election when he voted for the bailout bill. If he had taken a very conservative stance against it, he very well may have pulled this out.

Another mistake was relying on public financing. He should have gotten out of that as soon as Obama did. The money allowed Obama to drown out McCain.

The Republican party as a whole will need to change the way we play the game with early voting. The majority of votes cast will likely from here on out be early. The timing of the financial crisis shows that the elections will be won & lost in September & October - waiting for a final election day push will not cut it any more. I heard where those who made up their minds in the last days before 4 Nov. went for McCain by 6%. It was, however, too late to make up for early voting. The deal will need to be sealed in September & October, before early voting.

We conservative Republicans have work to do. We would have work to do if McCan was elected, however the game has changed with Obama. IMHO, I believe the Democrats in Congress will succumb to the temptation for over-reaching. We need to lay the groundwork now for the elections of 2010 & then, in 2012, nominate a strong, articulate, unabashed conservative. They are out there.

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