Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Abortion & Restoring the Conservative Republican Party - Bold Colors, not Pale Pastels

Far too many of the pale pastel crowd want Republicans & conservatives to shut up about abortion. As I believe abortion is wrong, I believe "shutting up" about it to be wrong also.

Many people say they're pro-choice just so that the pro-abortion crowd will not shout them down. I believe that the right to life plank should always remain in the Republican platform. People want strong leaders with strong morals, & this plank has served the conservatives & Republicans well.

Going back to my soapbox, what the Republican party needs are conservative leaders who can reclaim the mantle of limited government fiscally responsible conservatism. THIS is what has been missing, & has cost the Republicans in 06 & 08. It is horrible that Obama won the tax cut argument in this election - though he will not make good on his promise. We need leadership to emerge that will fix the stool & have all three legs - strong conservative moral & social views, strong national defense, & limited government fiscally responsible conservatism. This is the way we will not only win elections, but make a positive impact on our country for ourselves & future generations.


N.S. Allen said...

I assume that, when you say that "Many people say they're pro-choice just so that the pro-abortion crowd will not shout them down," you're trying to imply that being anti-choice is a political position that will actually sell well on the national stage.

That's just crazy-talk. Women already traditionally favor Democrats, and numerous polls have shown that women lean firmly towards the pro-choice side of the issue. Given that said polls hardly give what you call the "pro-abortion crowd" a chance to "shout down" the respondent, there's obviously no reason for them to fib about their true leanings, when being polled.

Moreover, your assertion that it's anti-choice folks who feel intimidated by the public discourse on the issue is just blatantly contrary to the facts. When we watch political debates, it's not the anti-choice candidates who try to sound conciliatory. John McCain didn't talk about Obama's supposed votes to kill newborns because he was afraid of being shouted down. He talked about them because he knew that it's the anti-choice side of the debate that's always, always willing to push their agenda as vocally as possible.

Opposing abortion just isn't going to be a big winner in national elections. That's all there is to it.

medaura said...

Social Conservatives seeking to use government to legislate morality to the masses have been poisoning the well for too long by destroying the practical and ideological consistency of negative rights, thus opening the door to government cooptation by demagogues with various agendas and malignant vested interests from all sides of the political spectrum. Their religiously inspired diatribes against full American freedoms continue to alienate people in droves, particularly because most Americans today are rightfully oversensitive regarding matters of conscience, religion, social institutions, and private behavior.

Until it extirpates this reactionary faction, the Conservative movement’s defense of free markets is hopelessly doomed to intellectual impotence. Economic self-reliance through free proud enterprise on the one hand, but moral paternalism in matters confined to the bedroom or uterus on the other hand, are ideologically irreconcilable positions both of which sound hypocritical when preached by the same political voice.

Judeo-Christian values are neither sufficient nor even necessary components of Americanism. Conservatives with a mental blind spot to this reality often try to justify the institutionalization of Judeo-Christianity by deeming it to be the only absolute ideological shelter for freedom. Plato alone has spoken with more clarity and conviction about absolute transcendental values such as Justice and Goodness, than there can be found throughout the entire Bible. Natural Law has enjoyed a fertile tradition in Western Philosophy, originated by Protagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, carried out by the Stoics, and augmented by many great thinkers up to the present day.

Not only is the firm binding of natural law with religion not dictated by any philosophical necessity, it is also a strategically self-defeating position for Conservatives to take in the ongoing battle for hearts and minds. I cannot think of a more dangerous proposition for the future of American cultural institutions than the prospect that their desirability and justification depend on the dubious existence of Abraham’s God.

Whitehorse said...

Thank you both for posting comments!

When I speak about not being shouted down, I'm not talking in a presidential debate. I'm talking about people just going about their lives.

Social conservative values are part of a winning platform. Good morals are good. This is not the problem for the Republicans - in my post, I laid out the problem. Too many Republicans in the US house & senate left limited government fiscally responsible conservatism behind, & that's what cost in 2006 & 2008.

If Republicans can reclaim limited government & fiscal responsibility, add that to strong national security & conservative social values, they will win more than lose. Without either of the three legs, the conservative "stool" would be unstable.

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