Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to Stop Digging

Marsha Blackburn has an excellent article at RealClearPolitics. Following are some excerpts:

The core lyric of my favorite country song is "When you're in a hole, stop diggin'." That also sums up the message voters have given Republicans.

Tuesday night, our party suffered a resounding electoral defeat. President-elect Obama and his congressional partners deserve our sincere congratulations on their victory. As the country catches its breath, the conservative movement must regroup and set upon a course to prevent November 4th from repeating itself in two years.

Traveling around the country in the closing days of this campaign I heard the same frustration from voters over and over. We in Washington are long on talk and promises, but short on action...

The time has come to return to our foundation; to the party of Lincoln that President-elect Obama rightly said was founded on the principles of self reliance, freedom, and national unity. Conservatives and Republicans must admit that our focus, message, and methods have erred. We grew content and reliant with Ronald Reagan's words, yet failed to exercise the energy required to preserve the freedom his revolution earned from one generation to the next.

Committed Republican leaders must reassert the relevance of our party to a generation of voters born after 1988. Rather than focus on "branding" our cause, let us simply pursue it. In that pursuit, we will rebuild trust and regain purpose...

Marsha eloquently puts it into focus. The "we" of whom she speaks is the Republican leadership in Congress & in the White House. It is high time that conservatives reassert control of the Republican party.

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