Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Palin Hating?

Below is a partial response to a post on the Tennessean's political forum & my response to it. The original post is from a fellow I've conversed with regarding political issues for some time now &, while we don't agree on everything he's pretty level headed. For some reason, however, he displays a visceral dislike of Sarah Palin & what he believe she represents.

...But then something went horribly wrong and Powell, last Sunday, put his finger right on it. The party that had a guy at the front who appeared to have all the right moves, lurched hard to the right. Whitehorse, in another post, glowed that Palin is the new face of the Republican party. For the sake of the Grand Old Party I certainly hope not. Suddenly uneducation has become fashionable (in fact to be educated is to be derided as "elitest"). The conservative base denies all things science, particularly if they see an apparent contradiction to their bible. Rather than adopt the traditionally conservative position of live and let live, they now want government intrusion in personal areas such as casual drug use, abortion, sex, and marriage. (Except for the topics they sound like old style Democrats who wanted the govn't involved in everything) ...

What is uneducation? Palin is a college educated person & quite intelligent. Todd Palin is highly skilled in his profession. I am one of these Republicans, & see no one deriding education or calling educated people elitist because of their education. The elitists are those who do not use their education – they are the highly educated incompetents such as Obama. Tek, I suggest to see if there are scales on your eyes &/or to see where this information is coming from. Conservatives/Republicans like me value education immensely & want everyone who wants education to have the equal opportunity to work for it. The difference, I guess, is that with patricians like Powell, only education from certain places is acceptable & the person must adhere to certain orthodoxy to be accepted. These snobbish people look down on those in the skilled trades as uneducated rubes, whereas we conservative Republicans understand these people are not only educated, but they are able to utilize what they’ve learned to actually do something.

“The conservative base denies all things science.” Baloney is not a strong enough word. This is BS, completely. I think of sound wildlife management - the Obamas of the world likely do not know where the egg comes out of the chicken, much less what the relationship is between the whitetail deer & the bobwhite quail. Yet, we have Obama supporters who will fight like lobotomized howler monkey against sound wildlife management done by highly trained biologists. We deny manmade global warming because it has not been proved, & the evidence shows recent cooling. We agree on nuclear. The lie of scientific consensus & the attacks on scientists who disagree with scientific orthodoxy has been happening since there has been science. MMGW has become a cultish religion – something I thought you would eschew. Damn the heretics who do not bow down to the consensus – just like the heretics who would not bow down to the flat earth consensus were damned.

Live & let live – that’s fine, if it were practiced by both sides. There is very little in “drug use” (even casual) that does not affect far more than just the user. You seem to have forgotten that Palin indulged in legal pot in her younger days. I have seen no laws proposed from “mainstream Christian conservatives” which would draconically punish someone for the occasional toke. We’re not going to legalize all drugs for “casual” drug use & who in their right mind on any side can or would try to support that position? Abortion – what happened to live & let live? Abortion is an issue, like marriage, that is not a federal issue. A constitutional amendment should not be needed – neither should some activist legi-court create a law for either. As far as sexual activity, we are live & let live. Don’t, however, expect us to endorse & teach our kids it’s right if we don’t agree.

You’re getting some incredible misinformation on Sarah Palin – I don’t care if you like her or not, just get some unbiased information that is not from self-loathing Democrat chattel-women or misogynistic Democrat partisans.

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