Friday, October 17, 2008

They Don't Get It

Thuggish Ignorance is on full display with the attacks on "Joe the Plumber. Instead of skillfully trying to change the subject, the Obama team is trying to destroy this man.

Joe did not go to Obama - Obama went to Joe. Obama went to Joe's house, doing a little door to door. Obama, I guess, forgot to get his handlers to visit these homes first.

Joe is a real person, much like most of us. He is a blue-collar guy who breaks a sweat & gets his hands dirty working. Continuing the attack on him, trying to destroy his life, is paramountly ignorant. This is not the 1990's, & Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. Voters see this real person being attacked by the Obama campaign & lackeys in the Media, & know it could be them if they actually got to speak to Obama & exposed his scheme to redistribute EARNED wealth. Joe is definitely the everyday guy underdog, being attacked by a sleazy & greasy machine. What effect is has on the election, most people side with the underdog who finds himself attacked by sleaze.

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