Saturday, March 8, 2008

Possibly a Shrewd Move?

This is piggybacked from a Redstate Diary "A Sure Sign Hillary is in Trouble." The diarist does have a great point - it's easy to see that Clinton is behind in the delegate count. Both Hillary & Bill have made remarks that would lead to the thought that they see Obama as a possible VP candidate. There may be a different reason for this, however:

No one (democrat) sees her as being satisfied with anything less than the presidency. Democrats don't want the "bloodshed" of a tight campaign to go on through the convention. Obama is new on the scene. CW says that someone like him would be honored to be chosen as VP. If Clinton can get democrats to see him as VP - an alternative to the continued nasty campaign (or really nasty floor-brawl at the convention) - these democrats may lose some fire to push his presidency.

The Clintons are nothing if not shrewd & calculating political animals.

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