Monday, September 17, 2007

Over Two Months

Yep, over 2 months since my last post. Been busy @ work & will quite likely be changing positions soon. Spent the last 2 weeks out of town training some great people in Morganfield KY. On August 28th I & my wife joined the select group called Grandparents!!! Healthy boy born after a quick & quite smooth labor, 7lb 7oz & 21 in. long. My lovely wife will also begin a new position with her employer, so we are blessed as always!

Deer season is about to get underway here in TN. I don't bowhunt, so it'll be November before I am a threat to the venison polulation in Stewart County. The recent cooler evenings have got my blood pumping, though my hunting "stuff" is in total disarray.

On the political front: Fred's in, the "Surge" is showing progress, many on the left are exorcised that it's working. The illegal alien issues are still there, though in smaller chunks - some good, some bad.

God has blessed me much more than I could ever deserve!

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