Saturday, June 9, 2007

"Immigration" Bill Pulled, Now What?

The "grand compromise" immigration reform bill that would have granted amensty to millions of illegal aliens was pulled Thursday night. Sen. Majority Leader Reid said they would move on to more matters if there were not enough votes for cloture - there was not even a majority.

Now what? If one thinks that enforcing our laws & not rewarding illegality is a good thing, this was a win for the good guys. Will the bill be brought up again? There are many very intricate forces & situations at work. The republican party "bigwigs" have to know now that this is poison for them. The reaction from the base, of which I am part, supposedly "stunned" some. It's hard for me to comprehend how out of touch one would have to be to be truly "stunned." I believe it's mostly spin.

As of today there are still border patrol agents in prison, put there for doing their jobs. They were put there at the behest of the Mexican government. This is a terrible injustice all the way around, & these men should be pardoned & their convictions removed. The influence of the Mexican government should be investigated; this is something tangible that congress can look into regarding the Bush Administration.

Will we be forced again to beat back the amnesty bill? I am not sure. While many democrats want this bill in the hopes of new, malleable voters, I'm not sure their animus against Bush will allow them to give him a victory in anything - in this case it would be good for the country.

Can those of us who simply want our immigration, border security, & employment laws enforced make any headway while Bush is president? Sadly, I don't believe so; however, it is still the right thing to do to press for this & can set the stage for 2009 & beyond.

I'm an unabashed & up-front Fred supporter. He is right on this issue. Even Fred has been silent on the true apex of this problem, which is those who knowingly employ illegal aliens. It's fraught with political "danger," as many politicians fear losing the big money from those who knowingly employ illegal aliens. I believe that we can make a difference in letting our elected representatives know that the money they "may" lose from those knowingly employing illegals will in no way make up for the lost votes & on-the-ground support they would lose from their true constituents.

In all this, the operative word is "ILLEGAL." We have made a great difference in banishing the spin & obfuscation of this issue, & it is my hope we continue.

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12 JUL 07

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